Do Americans need a license to travel to Cuba?

Whilst it is prohibited for Americans to travel to Cuba for tourist activities, independent travel to Cuba is still legal. Here are the essential things you need to know if you are traveling to Cuba with an American passport. So you do not need a pre-approved license as long as your travel fits within one of the 12 valid travel categories. 12 Approved […]

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Traveling to Cuba under “Support for the Cuban people” FAQs

Do I have to get prior approval from the US Government before traveling to Cuba? No. There are two types of licenses to travel to other countries–specific and general licenses. Support for the Cuban People is a general license, meaning you don’t need prior approval. You just have to comply with the license requirements set […]

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Cuba Don’ts

1. Do not blow your nose in public. 2. Do not take photos or videos of police officers and government officials. 3. Do not exchange money on the streets(exchange money in currency exchange places, eg banks, hotels and Cadeca, exchange office. You will need a passport to do this!) 4. Do not drink tap water […]

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Cuba Do’s

Read about what to do when visiting Cuba. From drinking rum to watching the sunset on the Malecon, we have all you need to have a perfect Cuban Holiday.

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