1. Do not blow your nose in public.

2. Do not take photos or videos of police officers and government officials.

3. Do not exchange money on the streets
(exchange money in currency exchange places, eg banks, hotels and Cadeca, exchange office. You will need a passport to do this!)

4. Do not drink tap water

5. Do not complain too much to casa hosts because they’re trying their best for you.

6. Do not expect to be able to access the internet easily. You will have to buy internet cards, which would usually cost about 3/4 CUC in a hotel or at Etecsa stands. DON’T buy them in the streets! There are wifi parks throughout Havana but service is often spotty. No private residences have wifi but some of the hotels do (do download a map before you go) https://www.cubadirecto.com/

7. Do not get into any taxis without negotiating the fare first. Always confirm a price before you jump in.

8. Do not forget to tip

10. Do not miss out taking a ride with a vintage american car around http://cubaism.com/products/cubaism-products.aspx?Product=City-Tours

11. Do not worry if you can’t dance..you can learn salsa from the locals (http://www.cubaism.com/products/cubaism-products.aspx?Product=Salsa-Classes )

12. Do not forget to try local Cuban cuisine (http://www.cubarecipes.org/)

13. Do not forget to take your passport & travel visa (https://www.cubavisas.com)

14. Do not forget to do a local shopping tour and buy a few gifts ( https://www.cubawhatson.com/?category=18&lang=EN&day=2018-10-31&province=3 )

15. Do not carry excessive amounts of cash. Bag snatching and pickpocketing is common.

16. Do not fall out with the “jineteros/jineteras” (people who will want to financially take advantage of you)

17. Do not forget to bring with your your usual medicines, eg. paracetamol, ibuprofene as they might be hard to find there.

18. Do not miss out  seafood; fresh, delicious and reasonably priced

19. Do not forget to check with your bank if you card can be used in Cuba. Most Visa & MasterCards are accepted. The conversion rate is the same as the dollar and it there is a transaction fee of 3 CUCper 100 CUC. However cash is king and the only form of payment accepted in most places. There are two currencies in Cuba, CUC and CUP. You will pay for everything in CUC apart from if you decide to take a collective taxi.

20. Do not snap a picture when someone offers to let you, unless you plan on paying them after.

21. Do not use roaming on your phone! Your mobile phone will switch coverage to CUBACEL the only network provider in Cuba. The roaming and calling rates are ridiculously high. Text messages are about 50 cents.