1. Do plan ahead to have a car pick you up at the airport. (Cuba Hotel Transfers)

2. Do learn some spanish phrases since some of the locals who live away from touristic areas might not speak english. (Phrasebook & Dictionnary – Latin American Spanish)

3. Do plan a day to visit Viñales (Day tour in the nature – from Havana Pinar del Rio & Viñales)

4. Do get to the airport 3 hours before your flight departure. Airport could be very busy and lines are long. (Cuba Hotel Transfers)

5. Do bring enough sunscreen since Cuba is quiet hot. Mosquito repellent will also be your best friend.

6. Do take the necessary adaptors/convertors to any appliances you bring (Electricity in cuba is 110 volts, modern hotels have both 110 volts and 220 volts)

7. Do go on Havana city tour. (Tours – Discover Havana in half a day)

8. Do go diving (it’s really cheap!) (Cuba scuba diving packages)

9. Do drink local rum and real mojito

10. Do go on a cigar rolling or tasting tour (even just to get a picture of you!)

11. Do print all your documents/travel itineraries. It won’t be easy to access your emails.

12. Do bring back tobacco and/or the superb rum from your trip to Cuba. The coffee is also a good buy at 20 CUCs for like, a ton of seriously good coffee.

13. Do bring candy, pens, aspirin packets, travel toothpaste or other small everyday items that you can give to people when you’re out and about. Many of the products we take for granted are not available in Cuba or at the very least, hard to find.

14. Do speak with Cuban people, especially your driver or your casa particular host. Locals are incredibly friendly and will want to talk to you. And they have some pretty amazing stories to tell!

15. Do go to the paladares. (Cuba What’s On – Events Calendar)

16. Do go to art exhibitions

(Cubartours Bringing you Cuban art and travel in one)

17. Do buy your travel insurance before travelling to Cuba. It is a mandatory entry requirement and health services for foreigners are very expensive! (Cuba travel insurance)

18. Do visit other cities and towns outside Havana, such as Cienfuegos, Trinidad. See our highlights for more about this!

19. Do plan your trip in advance, especially if your time is limited. It might be hard to connect to Internet and even harder to plan your way around. Get in touch with us, we are here to help! (picture with Havana office)

20. Do visit the the eastern part of Cuba. From 1522 until 1589, Santiago was the capital of the Spanish colony of Cuba. And there is much more than this, get in touch with us to plan your travel.

21. Do visit Baracoa.  One of the hidden gems of the country, it is not on everybody’s list of where to go in Cuba as it is pretty much isolated from the rest of the country. La Farola (the lighthouse road), is the only road connecting Baracoa to Santiago de Cuba and the rest of the country. (there should be pictures/videos of this road)

22. Do watch sunset (or sunrise!) on the Malecon! No details on this just do it, you’ll understand

and now don’t forget to read what not to do in Cuba too